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About YMCA Peace Week

Peace is more than the absence of violence and conflict. Peace is the ongoing work of building and rebuilding conditions of fairness, inclusion, empathy, security, and respect for diversity.

YMCA Peace Week is celebrated the third week of November to recognize the work that happens year-round to build peace in our communities, both inside and outside the YMCA.  At the YMCA, we are committed to doing this work as a healthy community cannot exist without the presence of peace for all.  We invite you to join us in embodying the values of PEACE through your daily actions. Together, we can build a better Canada.

Peace is an active state of being, not a passive one. Together, let’s build community.
#Act for Peace.

YMCA Peace Medal Nominations

Each year, YMCAs across Canada celebrate acts of peace by recognizing individuals and groups who, without any special resources, status, wealth or position, have demonstrated a commitment to building peace within their community or communities elsewhere in the world. During YMCA Peace Week, which will take place from November 14 – 21, 2020, local peace-makers will receive special recognition and a medal.  Peacemakers are selected through a nomination process. To nominate a Peacemaker, please review the selection principles and complete the enclosed nomination form.

Peace Medal recipients should demonstrate the values of PEACE:                P = Participation – getting involved and encouraging others to get involved in community-building activities

                E = Empathy – listening and understanding diverse perspectives to create a sense of belonging for all

                A = Advocacy – making the case for positive change in the community

                C = Community – building and strengthening community connections and capacity

                E = Empowerment – inspiring others to foster peace and helping them gain the skills and tools to succeed

Please submit all completed Peace Medal nominations to the address below by October 31, 2020.


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