Fredericton North YMCA

@ Willie O’Ree Place
605 Cliffe Street

Fredericton North YMCA is a functional training facility located on the main floor of Willie O’Ree place at 605 Cliffe Street.

We offer a hybrid model of training which will appeal to a wide range of new and existing members. Whether you are a general fitness enthusiast or an elite athlete, this wellness centre and our team will support your goals. As in our wellness centre on York Street, members 13-15 years old must complete complimentary Teen Weight Training (TWT) prior to using the facility.

We are open Monday-Friday 6am-9pm and Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm. Holiday hours are 8am-4pm.

We’re launching our first class for Fredericton NORTH YMCA!

Learn the 5 basic compound movements!

This 5-week program will teach you the basics of the bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, and back row. To focus on every fitness level, this program will teach you to progress with proper form the basics of each compound movement all the way to more complex variations of each exercise.

Please note that this program is being offered at our Northside facility at 605 Cliffe Street for youth aged 16-18 years with a maximum of 8 participants.