Wellness Centre Safety & Etiquette

Wellness Centre Etiquette
Respect is part of the YMCA culture & values.
Please be respectful to fellow members and staff.

Appropriate, clean, indoor athletic shoes required.
Sandals or open toed shoes are not allowed.
Appropriate gym clothing that will not damage the equipment/upholstery.

Clean equipment after each use with paper towel & spray bottles provided. Return ALL equipment after use.
Do not leave running treadmills unattended.
Collars are required on all barbells.
Back up from dumbbell racks to allow others access.
Do not slam weights. Lower to floor with control.
Weights and personal items are not to be resting on benches/equipment. Use equipment efficiently so all members can access in a timely manner. During peak times, limit cardio equipment use to 30 minutes.
Do not loiter on machines when not in use.

Cell phone use is permitted in the Wellness Centre with the following exceptions:
No photography.
No video or video chats.

No excessively loud conversations that may be disruptive to other members.Abusive or inappropriate behavior towards members or staff will not be tolerated. We are a scent reduced facility. Please limit the use of scented products. Personal belongings must be stored in the locker rooms or cubbies.
Members 13-15 years old must wear their Teen Weight Trainer ID Card.

We reserve the right to periodically review and modify this document if deemed necessary.