Wellness Centre Safety & Etiquette

YMCA of Fredericton is committed to a safe, inclusive, respectful and hygienic environment.


  • Appropriate INDOOR footwear, such as non-marking, indoor athletic shoes (no sandals or open toe footwear due to safety concerns).
  • Appropriate t-shirts / tank tops covering chest and midriff, athletic pants, legging / appropriate shorts are required in the Wellness Centre and Fitness Studios.


  • Please wipe off equipment before and after each use.
  • Please maintain physical distancing guidelines.
  • Please return all equipment when finished.
  • Collars are required on all barbells.
  • Do not slam weights together or drop dumbbells, barbells or plates on the floor.
  • Weights and dumbbells are not to be rested on benches or equipment.
  • Members are asked to use the equipment efficiently so that all members can access equipment in a timely manner.
  • During peak times, limit machine use to 30 minutes.
  • Do not loiter on machines when not in use.
  • Weights and other equipment may not be removed from the Wellness Centre.


  • Talking on cell phones while in the Wellness Centre is not permitted. If you need to take a call, please step outside the Wellness Centre.
  • We are a scent reduced facility. Please refrain from wearing scented products, colognes or perfumes.
  • No photography or videos while in the Wellness Centre.
  • Personal belongings must be stored in the locker rooms. No bags, coats or footwear in the Wellness Centre.
  • Members 13-15 years old must be wearing a Teen Weight Trainer ID Card as proof of Teen Weight Trainer Orientation completion.

We reserve the right to periodically review and modify these rules if deemed necessary.