Wellness Centre Safety & Etiquette

Wellness Centre Etiquette
Respect is part of the YMCA culture & values.
Please be respectful to fellow members and staff.

– Appropriate, clean, indoor athletic shoes required.
– Sandals or open toed shoes are not allowed.
– Appropriate gym clothing that will not damage the equipment/upholstery.

– Respect other members and the equipment by NOT slamming the weights. Please lower with control.
– Clean equipment after each use with a paper towel & spray bottles provided.
– Return ALL equipment after use.
– Do not leave treadmills running unattended.
– Collars are required on all barbells.
– Back up from dumbbell racks to allow others access.
– Weights and personal items are not to be resting on benches/equipment.
– Use equipment efficiently so all members can access in a timely manner.
– Allow other members to “work in” if taking extended rest periods. Be prepared to share equipment if super setting with various pieces.
– Do not share one piece of equipment in large groups.
– During peak times, limit cardio equipment use to 30 minutes.
– Do not offer unsolicited exercise advice to other members.
– if you have questions about a piece of equipment or an exercise, please ask a Personal Trainer.
– YMCA members or guests are not permitted to provide Personal Training Services unless they are explicitly authorized by the YMCA of Fredericton.
– YMCA members or guests are not permitted to receive Personal Training Services from any individual who is not a YMCA of Fredericton Certified Personal     Trainer.

Cell phone use is permitted in the Wellness Centre with the following exceptions:
– No photography.
– No video or video chats.
– No excessively loud conversations that may be disruptive to other members.

– Abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards members or staff will not be tolerated.
– We are a scent reduced facility. Please limit the use of scented products.
– Personal belongings, including gym bags, must be stored in the locker rooms or cubbies.
– Members 13 – 15 years old must wear their Teen Weight Trainer ID Card.

We reserve the right to periodically review and modify this document if deemed necessary.