The YMCA Youth Access Program is available to youth ages 5-21. It is an opportunity for youth to enjoy barrier-free access to the YMCA at no cost. The Youth Access membership provides youth access to drop-in programs such as open gym and recreational swim; use of the wellness centre for those 13 and older; and one registered program per registration session (some fees may apply). Youth Access memberships are activated for 4 months at a time – survey completion is required for initial activation and renewal of memberships.

The following circumstances should resonate with the youth you are nominating: recent home life changes preventing them from paying for a membership; extra-curricular activities would benefit the youth academically or socially; low income; or involved in the provincial care system. For youth 19-21, they must not have access to another fitness centre, or demonstrate that their household cannot afford to pay for a membership.

Nomination Process

Once the community support person identifies the youth they would like to nominate they should contact the legal guardian of the youth to encourage them to apply. The nomination form should be completed by the guardian and the youth.

Nomination Form

This form is to be completed by the guardian of the Youth seeking a membership. In this form, you will be directed to create an online account. Youth under 18 will require their guardian to create an account and be added to that account.

Link to Nomination Form

This form will be forwarded to the Outreach Team and should you need to be contacted, a member of our team will connect with you. Please feel free to email the team at with any questions regarding the process.