Volunteering is empathy in action. This year, we celebrate National Volunteer Week from April 16 – 22. The YMCA of Fredericton is grateful for its many volunteers that build a stronger YMCA. On a regular basis, our volunteers demonstrate empathy, compassion and generosity of heart and spirit, which in turns leads to connected communities. Thank you to our volunteers!

You have a lot to offer the YMCA. No matter how you help, you’ll make a big difference in the lives of people in your community.

Each year more than 350 YMCA Volunteers contribute thousands of hours helping the Fredericton YMCA to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. Whether you want to help people improve their overall health, coach children and youth, or work as a policy volunteer, the YMCA has a wide variety of opportunities to match your passion, skills and schedule.

Some benefits of volunteering:

  • Knowing you are making a difference in your community;
  • Developing new skills, increased confidence and enhanced leadership abilities;
  • Making new friends from all walks of life;
  • Gaining work experience;
  • Being part of an organization with a history of giving back to its community;
  • Gaining hours towards school co-op programs.

Interested in volunteering?  Contact info@ymcafredericton.org for more information and volunteer opportunities!

“I volunteer to get to know my community, to have willing workout partners, and to help people become more flexible.”

– Dee D. Cromwell

“I volunteer to give back to our community!”

-Natalie Richard Hayes