Swimming Lessons & Clubs

Knowing how to swim can save your life — or even someone else’s. Taught by certified YMCA instructors, our swimming lessons will give you lifelong skills to help you be safe in and around the water. But there’s more to YMCA swim lessons than just learning to swim. We want children to build confidence in the water, meet new people, and hopefully develop a lifelong passion for swimming!

The YMCA has been offering swimming lessons to Canadians since the 1900s and we have taught thousands of children to swim through our nationally-accredited swim programs. YMCA swim lessons build self-confidence and show children they can achieve their goals with a little hard work and support from others. When children believe in themselves and in one another, there’s no limit to their potential. We have a passion for splashin’, and hope you do too!

Policy & Procedures for Aquatics Registered Programs – Registration Information

  • YMCA Preschool and Youth Lessons & Clubs are only offered to YMCA members (included in active YMCA Membership).
    Swimming lessons may be in the leisure or lap pool.
  • Swimming lessons & leadership clubs are limited to one per child; child must have pre-requisites by the first lesson/session; child must be of age within 2 weeks of programming.
  • Child(ren) are required to attend and participate in a minimum of 8 swim lessons/sessions to be eligible to complete their level.
  • The YMCA of Fredericton allows for up to two lesson/session cancellations per session due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.
    There are no make up lessons/sessions for absences.
  • Refer to the Swim Lesson Conversion Chart if your child has taken swimming lessons elsewhere.
    Please remember the conversion chart should be used merely as a general guide since individual differences and situations will occur.
  • If you’re child has taken swimming lessons at the YMCA of Fredericton, please view your child’s SWIMGEN report and register your child in the recommended level.
  • Swim assessments are available during certain Family Swims and/or Swimming Lessons. Please contact the Welcome Desk at 462-3000 for more information and to book an appointment for a swim assessment.
    Swimming lesson assessments are required in order to select the proper level. If a swimmer is signed up for the wrong level, they may need to be removed from the session if the capacity does not allow for proper level placement. Swimmers must be evaluated before registration (SWIMGEN, conversion chart or in person).

General membership information: 

  • Subject to availability, children can register for 2 programs, per term. This can include ONE swimming lesson program per term.  Add additional programs for $50 each per term. In some circumstances,  Applicable program fees may apply!
  •  For more information on how to become a member of the YMCA, and information on the benefits and prices, please visit us here.

YMCA Preschool Lessons
6 months – 5 years

YMCA Youth Lessons & Clubs
6 – 12 years

Additional Lessons & Clubs
All Ages