FAQ – General

No – a swimming cap is not required in our YMCA of Fredericton pool.

Yes, you can bring your own equipment.

Note about Flippers and snorkels:
Snorkels and flippers are only permitted during lane swims or under the supervision of an instructor. They are not permitted during any other swims including family swims.

Yes, you can purchase a day pass to our facility which includes the use of the pool.

The capacity varies based on the depth of the pool. Our leisure pool floor moves to change depth. The ranges are given below:

The maximum capacity for the Leisure Pool (T: 86-88F) is 30-55 (30 members at 5’6” depth and 55 members at 3’8” depth)

The maximum capacity for the Lap Pool (T: 80-82F) is 130.

The maximum number of lane swimmers can vary and is usually capped at 6-8 (varies depending on speed of swimmer and lifeguard discretion).

The speeds of each lane are listed below:

Slow – >45 sec/lap
Medium – 30-45 sec/lap
Fast – <30 sec/lap

No – unless it is part of physiotherapy.

Varies – please refer to swim descriptions that include the depth of the leisure pool for each swim.

FAQ – Swimming Lesson

There are no refunds/credits for cancelled/missed lessons.

No – the time allocated to swimming lessons is more than enough to assess the child for the next level.

Additionally, we allow for up to 2 class cancellations per session due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Please add the child on the waitlist. If a spot opens, you will be informed (phone call or email).

A swimming suit and a towel are required for each swimming lesson. Please arrive only 5 minutes prior to swimming lesson to ensure your child is placed in the proper class at the start of the lesson by using the sign in/out policy (for ages 9 or younger).

Swim shirts can be purchased to keep them warm – these can be purchased at most sports stores.

No, water shoes make it more difficult to learn to swim and will impede their ability to kick effectively.

It is not recommended to wear goggles, ear plugs/nose clips during swimming lessons. These can present a false sense of security.

It is important for your child to attend swimming lessons and is part of the curriculum that is required in order for a child to pass certain classes. Please inform the instructor or Aquatics manager (via email) if your child cannot attend a swimming lesson.

Supervisors – wear an orange tank top on deck during swimming lessons

Aquatics manager – reached by telephone (462 – 3000) or email (Stephanie.Richardson@ymcafredericton.org)

Children 9 years and under must be accompanied by an adult (16+ years). The adult must stay on deck/viewing gallery for the duration of the class. A sign-in and sign-out policy applies.

Children 10-12 years must have a parent bring them to/pick them up from the pool deck at a time agreed upon between the parent and Aquatics Supervisor.

Our viewing area is small so we encourage only 1 parent/guardian (max) to watch the lesson.

The only lessons that a parent/guardian is required to be in the water with their child is Splashers & Bubblers.

The other lessons parents are not required to be in the water and we do not allow parents to be in the water.

Bobbers 4
Floaters 4
Gliders 4
Divers 6
Surfers 6
Jumpers 6
Otter 6
Seal 8
Dolphin 8
Swimmer 8
Star 1 8
Star 2 8
Star 3 10
Star 4 10
Star 5 10
Star 6 10
Star 7 10

If a child needs to use the bathroom during swimming lessons, they will be escorted to the bathroom on deck by a supervisor.

A supervisor will be happy to perform the assessment. Please contact Welcome Desk to make an appointment.

No. You MUST register your child for the level our system says they should be in UNLESS they have a swim assessment completed during swim lessons and the supervisor places them in a higher level.

Unfortunately, you cannot request an instructor.

If they are between 3-5 years old, they should go into Bobbers/Floaters (3-4 yrs), Gliders/Drivers (4-5 yrs) or Surfers/Jumpers (4-5 yrs).

If they are 6+ years they should go in Otter/Seal.

Please refer to bottom of Swim Conversion Chart.

A child who is under 6 years old cannot move to the Learn to Swim program (ie Dolphin) even if they completed the Jumpers swim lessons. This is because of participant to instructor ratio is based on age.

A child cannot be transferred to a higher level half way through the term. The instructor needs to see certain skills done a minimum of 3 times for a child to complete a level and by transferring a child half way through a lesson plan, it could result in not completing either level.

The instructor helps the teen/adult at their level. An instructor will help/coach an individual and as they practice the skill the instructor will move to the next person to help/coach them.

No, there is not a Masters swimming program running at this time.

FAQ – Aquatic Leadership Certification

4x/year minimum. Each course is hosted at YMCA Fredericton 1-2x/term.

*Additional courses may be run if there is a demand