What is YThrive?

YThrive is a FREE fitness coaching program that will help you improve your health and physical performance. As a valued Y member, you get a FREE new routine every 90 days!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance, lose weight, increase your energy, or reduce your stress, our team of dedicated fitness experts has designed a program to fit your life.

YThrive provides you with the support to get started, quick results to stay motivated, and flexibility to get it done solo. It doesn’t matter where you are now with your fitness and health goals, it matters where you’re going.

Don’t wait another 90 days. It’s as simple as a visit to the branch.

Find out which program stream best suits you!

YThrive features 5 unique streams of workouts for members to choose from, based on their health & fitness goals. BEGIN, BALANCE, BOOST, FLEX, and GROW (for children ages 10-15).

Begin: Kick-start the path to a HEALTHIER you. Designed for those new or returning to fitness.

Balance: Put a more ACTIVE you in motion. For those who have some fitness experience looking to increase energy levels and improve overall health.

Boost: Put a FASTER you in motion. Designed with the active and experienced exerciser in mind. Boost will help you lose weight and reduce health risks.

Flex: Put a STRONGER you in motion. Flex will help you increase lean body mass and burn more calories. Intended for members with exercise experience.

Grow: Join the FUN! Grow is designed for youth ages 10-15. Develop healthy habits and stay active.

Find out which program stream best suits you by taking our YThrive stream quiz for guidance. This will help narrow down what stream you should focus on.

Now it’s your time to THRIVE! Sign up today!
Already a YMCA member? Reach out to our YThrive team below or visit our membership desk to get started.