Movin' and Groovin'

REGISTERED PROGRAM Movin' and Groovin' is a fun-filled creative movement dance class to learn how to move to the beat and have fun. This program is for youth in grades 1-6.


REGISTERED PROGRAM SPRING-Students Pairing to Reach Individual Needs and Goals This program is geared towards those students who are exceptional learners in a school setting. Childrend will be partnered up one on one with UNB students during the program. 1st hour will be in the gym and 2nd hour will bein the pool. Fee: 1st Child $60, Additional Children $30


New and returning fencers can participate in this physical program built around the sport of fencing.
Members can enroll in one of 4 levels offered in this program.

All classes (except Mini Fencing) are held off site at the Capital Fencing Club - 512 George Street, Fredericton. Learn about Fencing

Racquet Sports

The YMCA offers members aged 6+ years the opportunity to participate in any of our racquet sport options, including Badminton, Squash, Tennis and Learn to Play Racquet Sports. Learn about Racquet Sports


The YMCA Karate program begins by introducing members to the basics of Shotokan and allows the opportunity for progression from beginner to advanced. Learn about Karate


Volleyball instruction at the YMCA is offered for youth, grades 3-8. Learn about Volleyball