Gymnastics is the perfect activity for the development of Physical Literacy – the fundamentals of moving the body and moving objects. Developing physical literacy through gymnastics enables children of all ages to move confidently and efficiently in any environment. Recreational Gymnastics here at the YMCA is a great opportunity for children to develop these crucial skills. Recreational Gymnastics is offered to YMCA members aged 5-14


REGISTERED PROGRAM Learn the fundamentals of gymnastics such as forward rolls, walking across balance beam and jumping off the vault. Classes are focused on challenging children to explore and experience movement in a fun and enriching atmosphere.

Recreational Gymnastics

REGISTERED PROGRAM Recreational gymnasts will learn a variety of skills on the floor, low and high beams, bars, vault, and mini-trampoline, as they progress through the beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes such as: dismounts, pullovers, hand-stands, rolls, leaps, supports, cartwheels, jumps and so much more. Progress reports will be provided at the end of each term and badges will be...


REGISTERED PROGRAM A parent-led discovery of movement in areas such as: rolling, tumbling, balancing, and climbing. This program is an early introduction to gymnastics.

Tumbling (Beginner-Advanced)

REGISTERED PROGRAM Acrobatic tumbling is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, timing, body awareness and confidence.