Dance is a great opportunity to introduce your child to many fundamental movement skills and the Y Dance program will help to continue to grow your child’s dance skills. Our YMCA instructors will keep your child on their toes and having fun! Recreation Dance is a great option for YMCA members aged 4-13.


REGISTERED PROGRAM Learn basic ballet positions and classical movements along with barre work, strength and grace. *Please note an additional program fee is required.


REGISTERED PROGRAM Learn a group dance using common tap steps such as the shuffle, shuffle ball change, double shuffle, hop shuffle, flap, flap ball change, running flaps, flap heel and buffalo. for students who want to be challenged in tap. *Please note an additional program fee is required.

Jazz classes

REGISTERED PROGRAM Join us for our fun filled Jazz classes where Jazz is not the only dance style learned! Choose from: Jazz/Hip-Hop -This form of Jazz is the more popular commercial Jazz which combines Hip Hop and Jazz and is often performed to pop music. Jazz/Lyrical -A mix of jazz and ballet, tell a story through dance, lyrics and feelings. Work on technique for turns, leaps and flexibility....