Y's Service Club

The Y’s Service Club supports the YMCA and its basic philosophy. Club members give consideration to international concerns as well as local and national. The motto, “To Acknowledge the Duty That Accompanies Every Right”, is a vital commitment. Subject to personal interests and talents, members are actively involved with club projects and in community service
Epsilon Y's Service Club Support
Epsilon primary objective is to support the Fredericton YMCA.
Epsilon is a strong support the Stan Cassidy Center for Rehabilitation Center with it’s annual Christmas party and by sponsoring a bike/trike. 
Epsilon supports annually many Fredericton not for profits including Fredericton Community Kitchen, Fredericton Food Bank, Fredericton  Shelters, Fredericton Breakfast Programs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and many others.
Epsilon sponsors five High School Scholarships for FHS, LHHS, and ESA and a scholarship for a STU Athletics student.
Epsilon History and Recent Events

In 1948, the musically talented members of the club combined their talents to produce the first Smokey Mokes Minstrels Stage Show.  For 18 years, this show was an annual ‘must’ for thousands of people, in Fredericton and from throughout New Brunswick.  The funds generated by the shows were channeled to worthwhile causes in the community. A major beneficiary of the clubs service and fundraising became the Provincial Polio Clinic in Fredericton; patients were treated to movies, Christmas parties, ball games, and exhibitions. Many patients were provided with braces, crutches, wheelchairs, and  hospital beds with an estimated $20,000 contributed to the polio clinic by Epsilon. 

The Phalanx Fraternity was chartered as the Epsilon Ys Men's Club in 1957 When the Forest Hill Rehabilitation Centre was opened in 1958, the Epsilon Y’s Men Club continued the tradition of assisting the handicapped and have sponsored a Christmas party for the patients complete with Santa and presents annually.  The Club provided leadership in several programs involving youth in the city and included  the sponsorship of a reed band and a coaster derby on Smythe Street.

As part of Centennial Activities in 1967, the Club co-sponsored the first Walk A Thon in the greater Fredericton area.  This project became known as Miles for Millions and participants walked from Fredericton to the Mactaquac Dam and return (about 25 miles). Funds raised were donated to various International Development agencies including Oxfam and Santo Domingo Project.  In the 1980’s, funds were shared with local schools.

The Fredericton Home Show was first held in 1982 and organized by Epsilon Club Members. Today, Master Promotions takes major responsibility for organizing the Show and shares a portion of receipts with the club. The funds received from these shows have enabled the Epsilon Club to support more worthy causes and included the establishment of annual scholarships to be awarded to high school graduates from the Fredericton High, Ecole Ste. Anne and Leo Hayes High. These scholarships alone mean that over $70,000 has been given to worthy students to assist in the expenses of higher education. It has been estimated that over one million dollars has been distributed by the efforts of the members of this club since its formation sixty years ago.

The Club hosted the Ys Men's International Convention in 1996 which brought over a thousand delegates from around the world to Fredericton.  

In 2012, the club took over running of the Grant Harvey Canteen as a major fundraiser for the club.

In 2016, the club partnered with the Men’s Shelter to provide new lockers and with Stan Cassidy with their Bikes and Trikes program. 

In 2017, Epsilon Y Service Club celebrates their 60 Years of Service to the Fredericton YMCA and Fredericton Community.

The club members meet weekly from September to June to enjoy fellowship and plan their service and dozens  of projects.

2017 Epsilon hosted the 69th Regional Convention of Y Service in Fredericton with 99 registrants.
2018 Grant Harvey events began to grow as the city used the facility for sports beyond those on ice
2018 Epsilon bid and had sponsored an International Y project at the Fredericton Shelters
2019 Fredericton Red Wings makes their home at the Grant Harvey Center and partnership with Epsilon for events is born
The club members meet weekly on Tuesday Evening from September to June to enjoy fellowship and plan their service.

Current News and Events
If you would like to know more about the club, or come to a meeting as a visitor, please leave a message at the Fredericton YMCA Welcome Desk with your name and number, or contact us via our Facebook page.