Opportunity Abounds at the YMCA

Meet Heidi and Claudia!

Heidi Johnston is hosting Claudia as an exchange student. As a newcomer to Fredericton, Claudia was keen to get out and make friends, both at her new school and in the community! Even though Heidi and Claudia were on the same page, Heidi had concerns about Claudia’s safety in a new city. Heidi’s friends convinced her that the YMCA would be a perfect place for Claudia. “My friends told me about all of the good things the YMCA is doing to provide youth with fun and engaging opportunities.” Heidi later found out about the “Power Up!” program for youth, and realized this would be perfect for Claudia! (For more information on Power Up! Visit us here!)

A huge bonus to the Power Up! program is the free membership to the Y that’s included! Claudia has gotten into volleyball and keeping fit in the Wellness Centre. Claudia tells us, “The YMCA provides different opportunities for me and people my age. Especially, as a student on an exchange program, I get to meet people in the community, make new friends outside of my school and I have the chance to exercise. It is safe and the building is newer. And the people here are so nice!”

The YMCA is a safe, warm and welcoming place for all young people in our community, and we’re so happy to have Claudia join us for the school term!