Meet Liam Pyke:  YMCA Outreach Coordinator

“More than a gym” is an important motto at the YMCA of Fredericton.  Along with childcare and registered programs, the Y is actively engaged in the Greater Fredericton community.  Liam Pyke is the YMCA of Fredericton’s outreach coordinator and encourages everyone to check out the two amazing programs that he currently manages.

Power Up! Is a new youth outreach program designed to engage high school aged youth by helping them grow and become part of their community. The program takes place every other Friday evening and provides a space for young people to explore their leadership capabilities and reflect upon areas for personal growth.  It also provides them with the opportunity to build their resumes through volunteering, job search assistance and community development.

Family Friend is a program for single parents of young children. As program coordinator, Liam connects participants to valuable information, resources, and community services through interactive and informative personal development workshops.

Liam is well suited to these initiatives because his values align with the values of the YMCA of Fredericton: Caring, Inclusiveness, Accountability, Respect and Fun!  Liam appreciates that the YMCA is community minded and offers an inclusive space for everyone.  According to Liam, “It does not matter what your abilities may be, how much money you have, or where you come from, everyone is welcome at the Y. The Y is a place that fosters community relationships and allows everyone to be themselves in a safe space.”

Liam finds that the Y is not only a great place to work, but also a great place to unwind and pursue his health and fitness goals. “Going to the gym on a routine basis has helped me become stronger both mentally and physically. Exercise has helped me to build my confidence, improve my self esteem, and has provided me with a sense of community.” Liam appreciates that he has formed friendships with both his co-workers and the members of the Y. “From the simple ‘good morning’ to the post-workout chats, everyone I come across at the Y is so positive and uplifting. Over the past year, I have been able to accomplish some of my goals, embrace fear, and become a better version of myself, and I credit the Y with helping me get there.”