YMCA of Fredericton Update

March 5th, 2021

Following this afternoon’s announcement by the Government of New Brunswick, the Fredericton Region (Zone 3) will transition back to the Yellow Phase of the Provincial Recovery Plan as of midnight Sunday, March 7th, 2021.

Facility & Membership Reminders

  • Upon arrival at the facility, hand sanitizer will be available for all patrons. COVID-19 self screening questions must be answered before entering.
  • Locker rooms are open, which includes access to lockers, steam rooms and showers. All members are expected to respect physical distancing requirements while using these spaces.
  • Masks must be worn at all times throughout the facility. Masks may only be removed once ‘stationed’ (i.e. inside a shower/washroom/change stall, seated in steam room, on a cardio machine, at a Wellness Centre weight station, immediately before entering the pool, as a Group Fitness class begins).
  • Physical distancing requirements remain at 2 metres/6 feet throughout the facility.
  • Towel service will resume effective Monday, March 8th. For member safety, towels will need to be requested at the Welcome Desk.
  • Members are asked to use sanitizing spray and disposable paper towel before and after use of all Wellness Centre & Fitness Class Equipment.

Pool Reminders

  • Yellow Phase programming will return Monday, March 8th. An updated pool schedule has been posted.
  • Aquatics classes (Aquafit / AquaZumba) ONLY will continue to require either online or in-person ‘sign-up’ in order to optimize member safety and ensure physical distancing requirements can be met. (maximum 25 participants / class). Sign-up will be available starting at 1:00pm of ‘day prior’.

Physical Distancing

The YMCA has implemented a strict physical distancing policy.  All individuals inside our facility will be expected to maintain a two-metre (six-foot) minimum distance between themselves and others.  Signage is visible throughout the facility.

Please Note:  The YMCA of Fredericton adheres to all recommendations from Public Health.  All guidelines are dependant on their recommendations and could change at any time due to their directive.