Moving Forward and Giving Back. Meet Jill Mersereau!

No matter where Jill Mersereau finds herself on her fitness journey, she always comes back to the YMCA because she loves the sense of community here. “Everyone is welcome at the Y, regardless of ability, background, or financial circumstances.”

“Several years ago I was unemployed and going through a really difficult period. I knew I needed to keep working out for the sake of my mental health but I didn’t really think I could afford a gym membership. When I spoke with the registration desk, they pointed me in the direction of their Membership Assistance Program. It was just the help I needed at that point in time.

Since that time, I’ve participated in several triathlons, various individual run, bike, or swimming events, and I’ve used the Y for my training. I even joined the Y Masters to train for a 10k swim from Quebec to New Brunswick a few years ago. It was tough, but the early morning swims and coaching really helped prepare me for the challenge.

During the past year I’ve been attending Monday night yoga classes, which have been a godsend for me during the pandemic. They’ve provided me with some much needed mental clarity, social time, and even laughter each week.

Now that things have turned around for me, I’m happy to pay it back, through a monthly donation to the Strong Communities Campaign. This program helps those who otherwise couldn’t afford it participate in the Y’s programs and service – people in similar situations to where I once found myself.

I’m very grateful for the work of my local YMCA.”

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