In light of recently returning to the Orange Phase, several discussions of clarification have taken place between our YMCA and provincial sport and health representatives with respect to recommended programming guidelines.
Public Health is recommending that the formation of new teams/groups should be deferred at this time. We have been assured that this directive will be regularly re-assessed in order to allow our programs to operate as much as possible, while keeping our communities safe during this outbreak.
Based on this assessment, please be advised that the following YMCA programs (which have not yet met in person), are postponed, effective immediately, until Friday, January 15th:
Saturday Classes:
• Moving & Groovin
• Dance
• Gymnastics (Beg., Int., Adv. & Big Shots)
• Totnastics
• Kindernastics
• Gym & Swim
• Jr. Fusion Basketball
Sunday Classes:
• Karate Intro
• Learn to Play: Multisport
• Badminton (Beg., Int., & Adv.)
• Learn to Play: Racquet Sports
• Tennis
• Volleyball (Beg., Int. & Adv.)
• Fencing (Level I & II)
Please do not hesitate to connect with our Welcome Desk if you have questions at 462-3000 ext. 0.
Thank you for your continued understanding and support.
Jason Dickson
President & CEO