Joanne Saulnier

Joanne Saulnier joined the YMCA of Fredericton “Many moons ago.”  At the time, the YMCA was the only gym in the city (to her knowledge) with a pool that offered an invigorating aqua-fit program.  She was thrilled to learn that the Y also offered Group Power, Spin classes and a first-class wellness centre.  All of these programs and the facilities were helpful to Saulnier in the pursuit of her fitness goals.  Yet, over time, Saulnier arrived at the conclusion that “goals change constantly.”

At 50 years of age, she decided to take up running and master her swimming technique by joining the Y’s Master Swim Club.  With these refined skills under her belt, Saulnier had the confidence to participate with a group of friends in a mini-triathlon in Hampton, NB.

Saulnier has also done her part to give back to the YMCA, as a fundraising volunteer as well as a past board member.  One of her favourite events is the Annual Spin-a-Thon because the funds raised go towards a great cause – the YMCA’s Strong Communities Campaign.  The Spin-a-Thon is a challenging workout and a lot of fun!  She sees that volunteering and devoting oneself to a cause can be just as important as working out.

For Saulnier, the YMCA of Fredericton has been a great place to create new and lasting friendships. “The Y staff create a sense of belonging and you get the feeling that you are making a difference in the community by being a part of this organization.”

Saulnier considers for a moment, “As I approach 60 years of age, it is time to reflect on wellness, physical and mental being. As I mentioned before, our goals can change all the time!”  

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