The Gift of Friendship at the YMCA Meet Alice Jones

If you visit the Fredericton YMCA’s Wellness Centre, any morning of the week, Alice Jones is hard at work on the treadmill. Alice is one of our regular members that make up our YMCA community. For Alice, it is not just about the equipment that makes the Y stand out; it’s the friendships she has made that gives Alice the feeling the Y is “More Than a Gym”. “The Y has been good to me and I truly love going there and I have met some lovely people. When I broke my arm, I received calls and many visits from friends I made at the Y.”

Alice became a member when ‘Your New Y’ opened and her son purchased memberships, as a gift, for both her and her husband. Although Alice’s husband was not able to participate at the YMCA as much as he would have liked, Alice went full steam ahead. With her daily treadmill routine and the everlasting friendships she has made, the gift from Alice’s son has been a gift that keeps on giving!
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Alice Jones
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