Holt Family

The YMCA of Fredericton has been a staple in the Holt Family for a number of decades. Susan fondly recalls working for the Y in the summers while she was a student and making life-long friendships. She even attended the Y pre-school back when it was located on Saunders Street and so it was a clear choice for her family when it came time to enroll their daughters, Molly and Paige, in The Active Learning Program. Brooke, the youngest will also attend when she is old enough. In the meantime, Brooke enjoys Gym tots and swimming with her sisters during Family Swim.

Jon came to the Y through a different path. He used to work at Willie O’Ree Place and realized the convenience of working out at the Y’s north side facility. Once the York Street Y opened, both Jon and Susan became members. Jon is a regular in the Wellness Centre while Susan is a fan of the Pilates and Yoga classes.

The YMCA of Fredericton appeals to the Holt family for a number of reasons. For one, the Holts are on board with the Y’s social mission, and they appreciate the diverse membership and the range of services and activities that the Y can offer to the whole family. “We love the Y! The kindness and welcome from members, the feeling of family from the staff, especially Louise, Sulhea, Lori, Trudy, Terry and Mallory, the names of the donors on the wall and the rooms and the mission to help those who need affordable and healthy community services. We are proud to be long-time (and lifelong!) members.” Not only are the Holts a part of our larger Y family, they truly embrace the sense of community that can be felt at the Y.