Kristen Barnes

Kristen’s story is a remarkable journey of transformation and it encompasses the values of health for body, mind and spirit that we value so dearly at the YMCA of Fredericton.

Kristen focuses on wellness in her story because “Wellness” encompasses so much more than looking a certain way or just being stronger and faster. Wellness is an ongoing process of feeling a sense of balance in one’s body, mind and spirit. She writes that she had convinced herself that “surviving could still be thriving”, but along the way, she realized that the time to make a change for herself was finally here.

“People keep asking me what my goal is. I don’t really have a specific answer. I want to be well, I want to be healthy, and while doctors and other medical professionals might tell you that comes with a specific number on a scale or measuring tape, I’ve discovered for myself it’s more than that. A number could never show that while I’ve lost pounds and inches, I’ve also lost some of the idea that I’m not worth the effort. I’ve fought the belief that I can’t do it. I’ve lost some of the tendency to burn myself out and feel too tired to take care of myself.”

Kristen’s story teaches us that it is important to try for oneself, and not for anyone else. Kristen has accepted that her transformation is a work in progress and that she is feeling better today than she has in the past. Kristen tell us that she has not submitted a “before” and “after” photograph. “I don’t consider this a before and after, it’s more of a “before” and “now”. These are not photos of me at my biggest weight or me at my final destination.”

Kristen’s story also teaches all of us that wellness and health is a journey, and a part of day-to-day living. We are honoured that Kristen has made the YMCA of Fredericton a part of her journey! #MoreThanAGym

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