YMCA was Natural Fit for Man Diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes

Nearly 15 years ago, Ramsay Anderson was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

“I had been active when I was younger always swimming, playing golf, track and field, basketball, volleyball – you know sports or activities that tall lanky boys could excel and not end up with too many broken bones,” Ramsay explained with a smile.

But following high school and university he was less active, while still enjoying the outdoors.

“Once I was diagnosed, I got a membership at the Y to try and control my blood glucose levels by getting regular exercise,” he said.

Now attending at least 3 nights a week, Ramsay also took up running and in the last few years has spent more time biking, even tackling long distances of up to 65 kilometres.

Type 1 – Diabetes is never controlled by diet and exercise like Type 2, and Ramsay will always require insulin, but he said it never hurts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Originally from Moncton, his family were regular members of the Y. He enjoyed learning to swim with his siblings, taking lifeguard training and participating in evening and Saturday activities. All programs the Y is proud to still offer today.

“When it came time to find a place to exercise, it just seemed a no brainer to join the Y,” Ramsay said.

“It has a wonderful presence in the community and assists so many families with various programs.  I like that everyone feels welcome and there is so much support.”

Ramsay Anderson
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