Woman Overcomes Fear of Water at the YMCA

Karen Jenkins never felt confident in the water, but that all changed when she found the YMCA. It was the early nineties and Karen discovered her local Y offered lessons to adults and people who had a fear of water. 

“I really enjoyed the program and was very thankful for the patience of the instructors,” she explained. “When I completed the program, I found that I had overcome a lot of my fear.”

Fast forward a few years, and Karen was enjoying retirement, but she found she needed something more to fill her day.  

“I looked at what the Y had to offer and found that there were many activities that interested me,” she said. 

Over time she realized the pool is where she loved to spend her spare time, and she enjoyed the option of participating in many other exercise classes.

“I found that the Y was central and provided all of my exercise needs.  Over the years I have met many people and enjoy the interaction with a new group of friends.”

Today, you can find Karen grooving in Aquafit or moving to the beat in Dusty Sneakers. The Y has not only provided her with healthy activities, but it has also provided friendship, connections and belonging during this exciting chapter in life. 


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Karen Jenkins
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