Trudy Pond

Community Member Turned Y Staff Finds Passion for Health

Trudy Pond

Trudy Pond, 46, has been on a diet since she was 12 years old. She has struggled with balancing physical activity and eating well. But today, Trudy lives a healthy life and credits the YMCA for giving her the confidence to succeed.

“I think I let myself become overweight in my late 20’s and could never get a handle on it,” Trudy explained.

“I started attending aerobics classes at a local gym where I met an instructor who inspired me to take the courses to learn to teach.”

Teaching classes is where Trudy found her passion.

“After getting certified my first instructing job was at the YMCA of Fredericton in 2007. I loved every minute of it,” she said.

Although Trudy discovered her passion, she was side tracked for a while.

“Life kind of happened, and I lost myself for a while,” she said. “I gave up teaching and let myself get to an all-time high weight of 250. I was miserable.”

But two and a half years ago Trudy decided she wanted her life back. She missed teaching and the positive atmosphere of the YMCA.

“I started to move more and eat clean. I went back to teach at the YMCA and found my self-worth again,” she said.
Today Trudy is down 90 pounds and teaches 6 classes every week.

“I share my weight loss, or gain with all of my classes every week,” she explained. You can’t pay for that kind of support.”

Trudy now works at the YMCA Welcome Desk as well. She is expanding her Y Family network and connecting with her community is ways she never imagined.

“I have met some great friends and have heard many stories from members as they come in to the gym for their daily workouts,” she said. “

“I am proud to be part of such an amazing organization and I feel inspired, and hopefully inspire every member that I come in contact with.”

Trudy Pond
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