Meaningful Connections Have Shaped Frederictonian’s Life

Peter Lougheed’s first Y experience was as a child attending gym and swims at the Charlottetown YMCA. What started as a fun activity for Peter many years ago, turned into a skill building and leadership journey.  

“I joined the YMCA Bluefins speed swimming team when I was 11 years old,” he explained. “Later, I was a coach for the YMCA masters swim team and assistant coach of the Bluefins.”

When Peter’s family moved to Fredericton, he said it was a natural thing to join the local Y. He began working out in the gym several times a week, when time and life allowed. And according to Peter, the Y was a big part of his recovery from a sport injury.

“The fitness instructors at the Y have helped me to maximize the benefits of my workouts while reducing the chance of further injuries,” he explained.  “Now that I am in my late forties, working out at the Y has become a three to five day a week habit. No matter how busy the day is at work and with the rest of life, when I go to the Y, working out and meeting with my Y friends, it replenishes me and helps to balance out the day.”

The relationships that Peter has formed at the Y are lasting and impactful.

“I have made many short-term and long-term friends at the Y. When I say ‘Hi’ to fellow members of all ages, inside and outside the gym, it reminds me of motorcycle drivers who wave to each other as they pass on the street. It’s a way of saying ‘Hey, I understand. I’m with you’.”

Today, Peter gets to share those connections with his family as well.

“Now my fourteen-year-old son joins me sometimes for a workout. It reminds me of how much fun gym-and-swim was when I was first a YMCA member.”

Peter Lougheed